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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Availability

  • Where can I find Holmes Mouthwatering?

    Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce is available at grocery stores and online.

    Please visit our Store Locator for locations and store details.

    Contact Us to suggest a store in your area!

  • How do I suggest a store?

    Holmes Mouthwatering is always looking for new stores to expand into!

    Please visit our Contact Page to suggest a store or location, and a team member will be in touch!

  • Interested in selling our products at your store?

    Holmes Mouthwatering is always looking for new stores to expand into!

    Please visit our Wholesale Page and submit an inquiry with your store details and a team member will be in touch!

  • Ingredients

  • Do your products contain any of the 8 major allergens?

    No, Holmes Mouthwatering is made with only real-fruit ingredients, no added sugars, or artificial ingredients.

    View our Products for nutritional facts information.

  • What are your ingredients?

    Apple Puree

    Pear Puree

    Apple Cider

    Apple Chunks

    Ground Cinnamon

    Apple Puree Concentrate

    Strawberry Puree

    Peach Puree

    Natural Strawberry Flavor

    Natural Peach Flavor

    Lemon Juice Concentrate


  • Where is the product made?

    All of our products are made safely in Chile, transported to America and governed under the United States FDA.

  • Where do you source your apples and fruit?

    All of our fruit is sourced in South America through our production facility located in Chile.

    This allows us to have an abundance of fresh fruit options all year round and introduce new flavors in the future.

  • Products

  • What is the shelf life? (Expiration date)

    Holmes Mouthwatering Applesauce can be enjoyed for up to 16 months.

    You can find the "Best By" date stamped on the back of every pouch or at the bottom of the box.

  • How should I store the products?

    The product can be stored and enjoyed at room temperature.

    It’s also tasty chilled or frozen! Refrigerate after opening and consume within 24 hours.

  • Are your products certified? (Gluten free, Kosher, etc.)

    Yes, our applesauce products are certified Non-GMO and Kosher, and are free of gluten, added sugars/ sweeteners, nuts, dairy, and dyes.

  • Are your products organic?

    No, our products are not certified organic, but we do plan to introduce an organic line option in the future for those interested.